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Post # 244  - 2016-2017 (updated 8-20-16)   (Archived roster 2013-14    2014-15   2015-16 )


Post home Yes
Name Walter Jones Post #244 American Legion
Address 2309 Jernigan Road
  Jacksonville, FL 32207
Phone 904-396-0033
Facebook page  
Commander Albert E. Jones   albertjones@gmail.com
Vice Commander Ronald Hayward
Adjutant Demetrice Blackshear
Finance Officer Herbert Murray
Sgt. at Arms Robert C. Thomas
Chaplain William W. Anderson
Lounge Yes, open Friday & Saturday 9:00 - 2:00am
Food No
Smoking Yes
Campground No
Auxiliary Unit Sandra Corley
SAL Squadron No
Riders Chapter No
Legion Meeting Second (2nd) & Fourth (4th)Tuesday of the month @ 8:00pm
Auxiliary Meeting Fourth (4th)Tuesday of the month @ 7:30pm









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